Pengembangan UMKM Jamu Tradisional di Desa Sumberagung Kecamatan Klego Kabupaten Boyolali

  • Mar'atus Sholikhatul Ummah Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Boyolali
  • Nuning Lisdiana Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Boyolali
Keywords: UMKM Jamu, beras kencur, kunir asem


UMKM jamu Ms. Iis, located in RT31 / RW05, Sumberagung village, Klego, Boyolali, has a good background for business activities, even though it was only established around October 2020, but the form of production already has an innovation in the form of packaging using bottles and marketed through the media social. This product is marketed in liquid form and only lasts one week so the marketing process must be immediate and a problem that needs attention. In addition, the herbal medicine production business is still managed traditionally without good business management and business planning. Even though it is done traditionally, the production results and has expanded to sub-districts and cities. However, the product marketing permit and its quality have not been tested so that this herbal medicine can only be marketed through private orders.

So far there has been no real effort to fulfill the wishes of the local community members in the target locations. Even though they need direct information about how to benefit from herbal medicine based on this, community service is carried out through education and training on the development of herbal medicine Ms. iis. The purpose of carrying out this activity is to provide knowledge and efforts to improve the product and its marketing. The processing of various medicinal plants into herbal herbal medicine provides an opportunity for added value so that it is possible to have an economic impact if they are marketed seriously by the target community.

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Ummah, M., & Lisdiana, N. (2021). Pengembangan UMKM Jamu Tradisional di Desa Sumberagung Kecamatan Klego Kabupaten Boyolali. SENYUM BOYOLALI, 2(2), 68-71.

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